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March 6, Inappropriate I was watching this show with the young kids I babysit and one episode was all about the one kid in 5th grade being interested in his teacher!! This review Helped me decide Had useful details Read my mind Report this review. I can see that Nick has finally listened to reviews and is improving their shows. Whatever happens, you can tell the family loves each other and wouldn't change a thing about themselves.

I love the way girls are represented in this show. They each have different personalities.


Parent Written by Christina Q. Ivory Tree Portraits. The movie is done in CG, but that doesn't matter as long as it's enjoyable. I almost feel sorry for Nickelodeon that it's being harassed for this, I agree with Nickelodeon on all matters for including gay fathers. On his 20th birthday, Brett finally told him that he was gay and his father replied with, "Happy Birthday Son, I Love You more than you will ever know and I am soo proud of you, I am Lucky to have a son like you. Retrieved 14 July Adult Written by We W.

Fashion fanatic, musician, comedian, athlete, pageant queen, genius, etc. There was one thing that was brought to my attention, though. The main character of the show, Lincoln, has a best friend who has two fathers who are not from the same race. I applaud the show for including this, because I feel as if many TV shows don't represent all of the world's population, pretty much, but not in all cases, straight whites. The parent reviews disgust me. Not everyone is straight. How do you think that makes others feel when they are not represented when LGBT people truly exist?

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Not everyone will be like you. Having LGBT parents happens, and I can tell children will see more of this when they grow up, so get over it. This title contains: Positive Messages. Positive role models. Parent Written by Christina Q. June 25, One episode depicted a homosexual couple which I am not against but have not had a chance to sit down and talk with my younger children about ;therefore, my children were subjected to this without the proper understanding about what was going on.

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Also they "joked " about someone's ANUS yes the word that was used being "gassey". While this may be appropriate humor for pre teens and teens I do not feel this is an appropriate show for the younger audience. I don't allow my children to watch this show due to all adult undertones throughout the entire show. Parents be watchful of these "cute" cartoons.

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Parent of a 1, 5, 8, and 10 year old Written by Chasity B. April 26, Shouldn't be on t.

You'd think that the message in this show would be god for children but it is definitely not. This show was extremely disappointing and has had a very negative effect on my 5 yr old. Now I get to fight with him to get him out of the habit of watching this garbage.

go to site Adult Written by Hanna F. October 3, Stereotyping, animation that does not at all fit the art style, very dull and redundant storyline? No thanks!

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I don't understand the craze for this show, when it's not even as half as good from the other cartoons that I have seen. Well, that's just me. The whole family dynamics thing has been used way to many times over the years. I watched some of it on Youtube My family and I don't have cable , and all I could say inside my head was, "Absolutely not. I'm sorry but, family friendly includes gay families , not just the traditional. I almost feel sorry for Nickelodeon that it's being harassed for this, I agree with Nickelodeon on all matters for including gay fathers.

Some people are gay. Get over it. End of story. However, I do have my own amount of issues with the show, which I think make it unpresentable as a good cartoon. The storyline Whole storyline has been used too many times. A big family bonding together with so many children.

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All of our life experiences will help us raise Milo to hopefully be the person who he is meant to be.

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I often wonder if the reason we are more accepting of other people is because we are gay. Are we more empathetic and sympathize more easily? Parents still have a hard time accepting their children for who they are. Luckily there are support groups and a lot of online resources out there. Everyone just wants to be loved and accepted for who they are. Love is love. Read More.